Open European gazetteer and associated location data survey

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The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC) in collaboration with Eurogeographics is undertaking a ‘Open European gazetteer and associated location data survey’ as part of the five-year European Location Interoperability Solutions for e-Government (ELISE) action, which is supported by the ISA2 programme. The results will be used to implement relevant ‘gazetteer’ solutions, starting with a pilot informed by the survey.

Data user or applications developers are kindly asked to share their views on what applications and functionality would be of value from an open pan-European service, for example cross-border or multinational applications, or national applications that may benefit from a pan-European and multi-lingual service.

Data suppliers, on the other hand, are kindly asked to share their views on what open data and services are provided by their organisations, whether it is authoritative or non-authoritative (e.g. community-sourced) and what cross-border or multi-national applications they already support or they envisage will benefit from such a service.

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